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What is it?

Fastjs is a useful, lightweight JavaScript library for any types of project.

It is designed to be easy to use. Fastjs can be with any framework or just pure JavaScript.

Why Fastjs?

This project is an open-source npm library designed to consolidate common utilities needed for everyday development into a single, cohesive package. In the current landscape, developers often find themselves installing multiple disjointed libraries for different tasks – one for date formatting, another for making HTTP requests, and so on.

The quality of these individual libraries can vary widely, and some are limited to only front-end or back-end use. Fastjs aims to solve these problems by providing a well-curated and consistent set of tools that can be used across the full stack. This not only streamlines the development process by reducing the number of dependencies but also ensures higher quality and better interaction, especially for tasks like date-time manipulation and data transmission between the front-end and back-end environments.

In essence, it's an all-in-one utility belt that's rigorously designed to be robust, versatile, and developer-friendly for both client-side and server-side programming.

What is our goal?

We build Fastjs because there are too many libraries in the JavaScript ecosystem, and it is hard to choose one, and also their quality is uneven.

Every library has its own way to do things, and it is hard to learn them all. We want to build a library that can solve these problems.

We envision a library that offers a uniform API for its modules, with the capability to function in diverse environments like Node.js and browsers. Our goal is to reduce the learning curve and provide a reliable, all-in-one utility belt for developers.


Thanks go to these wonderful people, to let fastjs be better. 🙌